Sunday, October 15, 2017


"These words that I speak are not my own, but come from the Father who has sent me.
They that hear the words that I speak, and believe in him who has sent me, will have everlasting life.

They will not be condemned but will pass from death to life."

God the Father has always desired and worked to explain how He would have us think of Him. From the moment we enter this world His revelation in nature begins its
work of helping us connect with our Creator. The unchangeable-ness of His nature, for example, can be understood in pondering the "solidity" of rock.

The artistry in a flower tells us something about His beauty. The vitality of water helps us taste a little of what the
"inventor and mediator of thirst and water" intends for our thirsty souls to find in Him.

Words mean things. That seems simple enough to understand, as concepts go. But for some reason, in today's turbulent political/social scene, people seem to be having a hard time understanding the meaning of words. More precisely, in a world rapidly resembling Orwell's 1984, words are being assigned new meanings while ignoring, vilifying, and repudiating their natural, historical and common meaning.

Have we lost the capacity to understand the meaning of things? Or the will? Or, could it be, there is no longer the kind of faith Jesus came to advance to be found on the earth?

Written oracles claimed by human beings to be the "Words of God," test our capacity, will, and faith to measure what they say, what we think they mean, and how accurately they depict our recognition of what we know to be like God. To embrace in our imagination the power to see the truth of a thing and to reject what we know to be false, is the development of faith.

Jesus, the perfect revelation of God, was sent that the Name of Truth could connect with man. The Son of Man leads each person to a higher plane: the moment when Truth goes beyond intellect, comes in contact with the will, and forces a choice to be True or False concerning the Life He reveals.

Putting into practice Jesus' words, given by God, reveals in each individual a perception of Truth (itself a gift from God) that acted upon transforms a man to a right relation to the Creator and the created. This is the perfecting of Life everlasting in the man!

"Man is man only in the doing of the truth, perfect man only in the doing of the highest truth:fulfilling his relations to the purpose for which God created him.
He has relations with his fellow man, closer infinitely than with any of the "things" around him, and to many a man far plainer than his relations with God. Now the nearer is plainer that he may step on it, and rise to the higher (but till then the less plain.)
These relations make a large part of his being, are essential to his very existence, and spring from the very facts of the origination of his being.
They are the relation of thought to thought, of being to being, of duty to duty. The very nature of a man depends upon, or is one with, these relations. They are truths, and the man is a true man as he fulfills them.
Fulfilling them perfectly, he is himself a truth, a living truth.
As regarded merely by the intellect, these relations are facts of man's nature; but that they are of man's nature makes them truths, and the fulfilments of them are duties.
He is so constituted as to understand them at first more than he can love them, with the resulting advantage of having thereby the opportunity of choosing them purely because they are true; so doing he chooses to love them, and is enabled to love them in the doing, which alone can truly reveal them to him, and make the loving of them possible.
Then they cease to show themselves in the form of duties, and appear as they more truly are, absolute truths, essential realities, eternal delights.
The man is a true man who chooses duty; he is a perfect man who at length never thinks of duty...who forgets the name of it."

A young man I work with has fathered two children with a woman he did not marry and now no longer lives with. In fact, his relationship with his kid's mom is rather antagonistic. Each day presents more challenges testing his will and capacity to care for his children. His son, in particular, has some lifelong health issues he'll have to deal with for years to come.

I admire this man's devotion to his children, though as a "Christian" kind of frown on how he got himself in this predicament and wouldn't have prescribed it as a way to begin a life of fulfilling parenting.

I'm sure if he had to do it over he would have found a better way. But that is hardly the issue. The difficulties he faces, whether self-inflicted or not, and the way he is accepting his fatherly duties is helping to shape both his own character and the character of his posterity!

Those difficulties, in fact, make him more humble and receptive to a word of Truth from time to time. And open to the possibility that God is looking out for him and pleased that He is displaying true Fatherhood by fulfilling his duty to care for and protect his kids.

 For the rest of us...
Do we not take joy in the midst of severe crisis such as the recent hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes in various places at the accounts of people fulfilling their duty to help and care for one another? Whatever problem we have with the political philosophies guiding modern journalism, we smile that they can't help themselves but to report the wonderful capacity of people to respond with earnest and tender help when duty calls!

Whatever the "professionals" may attribute that response to, we can with confident faith know that it is the God of Life who is continually working to shape mankind in His image!

His Words, His meaning, His Life!

adapted from George MacDonald's, Justice, Unspoken Sermons III

Sunday, September 3, 2017


"The Father who sent me has instructed me as to what I should tell you.
I know that his words lead to everlasting life; so whatever he tells me to say, I say."

It's always fascinating to listen to a montage of today's media personalities describe a particular event. For example, every news network recently focused on President Donald Trump's flyover of the ravaged remnants left behind by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Without fail each report centered on the word "empathy" and the notion of the President's complete lack of it.

Whether it was ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, the Huffington Post, NYTimes or Washington Post, they all used the same word to describe, in their vaunted opinion, the President's miserable failure to properly respond to the devastation.

You'd almost think there was some kind of coordination or collusion going on! And since this happens regularly to those caught in the Major Media's cross-hairs, one can't help but be suspicious that they are getting their instructions from the same source!

By repeating what they are to report and how to report it, the question begs: do their words lead to Life or Death?

To answer that one only needs to look at how the media is focused on anti-Trump sentiment or describing the recent events relating to taking down statues commemorating confederate soldiers. One group, Antifa, has emerged as the organized leader in violently protesting Trump's election and eradicating the lessons of the American past. Using tactics not unlike the Nazi "brown shirts" the "Antifa group, short for "anti-fascist," holds anti-Trump protests across the country where protesters destroy property and injure police. The group has encouraged violence in their protests, saying it is the only way to fight the Trump administration." (, emphasis added)

How does CNN report it?
Activists Seek Peace Through Violence
Which is more troubling: that a person could write that mishmash of mutilated meaning with a straight face or that they might actually believe it?

Once again we are reminded of just how potent and relevant the Words of Jesus are yesterday, today, and forever!  If the powerful forces directing the attacks on the timeless truths and principles of freedom can inspire such mindless violence and hatred leading to death and destruction, how much more vital are the words of Everlasting Life coming from the Source of all life?

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Let us then, follow Jesus' example especially in this: 
listen and speak 
what Life tells us to say!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Revelation.10

"This is the will of God, that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him will have everlasting life. 

If you believe in me, I will raise you up on the last day. Do you believe in the Son of God? It is he that is speaking to you." 

True or false: is only our brain full of things concerning Jesus, or does he dwell himself in our hearts, a learned, and ever being learned lesson, the power of our life? 
-George MacDonald

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Currently I am employed as a maintenance worker on a local dairy farm.  Now I'm not a cow guy (and you can't make me one!), but I love the rich diversity alive on the farm. From the variety of projects to the many nationalities represented, each day provides an abundance of opportunity to hear Jesus speaking!

Just yesterday I had a brief moment, in the midst of a flurry of activity preparing the farm for an "agri-tour", to have a meaningful conversation with a dear Mexican brother/friend.  He related how he really dislikes people and tries to avoid parties the likes of which the farm was readying to host.  His repulsion stems from an evil incident he encountered as a young boy.

We talked about how important it is to keep our eyes and ears focused on Jesus the author of healing, courage, kindness, forgiveness, faith, hope and love.  His choosing of us and the places He strategically puts us succeeds in producing fruit in and through us.  Fruit that brings His father glory!  Perhaps that fruit is simply letting go of bitterness and fear. Once let go of, more fallow ground is available for a greater harvest of goodness and grace...the very essence of His Life!

In that brief moment we experienced a strengthening of the bond of love only the Savior of the world can provide to those who, regardless of skin color, nationality or social status, want the Life He freely offers!

Keep speaking Master, your servants are listening!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Revelation.9

"In me you will know the truth, 
and the truth will set you free; 
and if the Son of God sets you free, 
you will be free indeed. 

I tell you this that you 
might have faith to believe, 
and be transformed." 

A co-worker was relating an incident in a grocery store: She was trying to make eye contact with two young children and
get them to smile.  Suddenly, the mother, a woman who seemed to be middle eastern, noticed what she was doing and hurriedly pushed her children away.  In telling me the story she concluded that it was obvious this woman had been treated poorly by Americans!  As surprised as she was at the woman's response to her attempts at friendliness, I was shocked at her conclusion. When I suggested that maybe her culture raised the woman to be fearful, my friend scoffed at the notion.  

My question then is what is the truth? Are Americans more or less like my co-worker who took it upon herself to bring a little cheer into the lives of children? Or are Americans more or less likely to bully foreigners in our midst?  Answering these is important because it gets to the heart of what Jesus is saying: what a man believes is true impacts the actions he takes.  The actions he takes reflects whether he is free to do right things or is enslaved to brutish behavior.

"What is Truth?" That haunting question posed by Pontius Pilate, the representative of the world's most powerful military/political system to Jesus hours before his brutal death, is at the heart of the life and death struggle facing humanity today.

As it has throughout the history of mankind, political expediency and correctness crushes its competition.  

But out of the corruption and decay of this sordid world order, Jesus -the Truth- triumphantly arose.

In Me

In Jesus we have the Living Example of the benefits of truth: transformational freedom and resurrection power!

In Jesus we can live free from the deceptive, polarizing, demonizing and organizing forces squeezing the world into its mold.

In Jesus we know that love and forgiveness are the ultimate
weapons to conquer the stubborn, fearful human heart!

In Jesus we have the confidence that obedience to his word results in a deeper understanding of the truth of things.

In Jesus we can, with courage and compassion, face difficulties whether personal or public.

In Jesus we live to help set people free by fearlessly speaking the Truth in love knowing that, in spite of cultural influences masking brutal evil, people are capable of recognizing and responding to truth. And love.

Speak Truth. Be Free.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Revelation. 8

"My peace I give to you, 
a peace far surpassing that 
which the natural world 
is able to impart."  

The 2017 French presidential elections, in the midst of violent social & political turmoil, have ignited a global debate: is living with the dread of senseless terrorist attacks the "new normal" for civilization?

In our own sleepy rural community, the county sheriff, alarmed at the increase in homicides, suicides, drug use, break ins, assaults and gang activity, is warning people to keep their houses and belongings locked up.

In the historical struggle between barbarism and civilization, doesn't it feel like the barbarians are winning? And when the apologists for the barbarians don coat & tie, lab coats, press passes, government credentials and professorships the deck looks​ pretty stacked against the good guys.

Is the church the primary vehicle for the advancement of civilization? Or is its work limited to advancing only "the gospel"? Is the revelation of Jesus' Life, Death and Resurrection the keys to the advancement of civilization here on earth? Or is it the relic of ancient myth no longer useful, but counterproductive to the advancement of world peace?

Is the growing influence of Islam a counterfeit Christianity? Is it on the side of barbarism or civilization? Does it pose the primary hope for humanity or represent a long, grievous history of oppression and tyranny?

Turning Cheeks or Turning Tables?
American society has become a confused rabble of competing philosophies. In marginalizing the influence of Christianity on American culture  --by building a fictional wall of separation-- there is no longer a filter by which we can accurately judge between competing philosophies.  An important influence of Christianity on our culture was that we knew that ideas were "elite" and were compelled by reason to embrace good ideas and reject bad ones.  Another important aspect of Christian influence is that people, in our system, have been considered "equal" in the eyes of God and therefore equal before the law.  

Today, however, it is exactly the opposite: people are "elite", i.e., the credentialed, experts, government officials, celebrities, and academia are superior to the average among us and must be treated with the proper deference. We allow them to dictate what is fashionable and acceptable by cowing to the false notion that we are not capable of reasonable decisions for ourselves.

Ideas on the other hand are "equal" and no one idea is superior to the other.  To reject an idea, philosophy, attitude, behavior or opinion is to be racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, or hateful.  To tolerate the ignoble, dishonorable, unworthy, base, shameful, contemptible, despicable, dastardly, vile, degenerate, shabby, sordid, and mean, while repudiating the noble, righteous, virtuous, good, honorable, upright, decent, worthy, moral, ethical and reputable, is the mark of a society in decline and the breeding ground of barbarism.

The scope of Christianity is wide.  Consider that Jesus
demonstrated in word and action the broad width of dealing with the struggles of everyday living.  As individuals we are called upon as His followers to "turn the other cheek" to the abuse of the ignorant. Lashing out by repaying "eye for eye" to the attacks of abusers hinders the work of God's spirit in bringing conviction of sin in the heart of the unrepentant. Overcoming evil with good is one of the primary means of turning a foe into a follower of Jesus! We are all the same in this vital respect: Becoming a follower of Jesus is the reason we are all brought into this world!

But there are times, as well, when we ought to "turn over the tables" on intolerable attitudes and actions of those who ought to know better and are creating an atmosphere of hostility to the truth!  When the mob came to bring a woman, "caught in adultery", to Jesus to measure his response to their malignant superiority, Jesus, of course, stood with the woman and against the mob. 

The same Spirit that helps us endure the abusers gives us the wisdom and strength to stand against the mob!  Being led by the Spirit is the path to peace. The natural world's peace is predicated on complying with their dictates.  The Peace promised by our Prince of Peace is predicated on obedience to His Spirit!

In a world increasingly hostile to the message of our Master, making that choice is getting increasingly more difficult. Think of each difficult decision to choose obedience as practice and perfecting of the Kingdom character in us!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Revelation.7

"All authority is given to me,
both in heaven and on earth.

I am able to give you
eternal life, the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and power over all domination of the evil one.

No longer be troubled or afraid. "


A popular radio pundit made sport of this headline pointing to the generation of Americans who, raised during the Great Depression, went on to fight and win World War II, as evidence of real, not perceived stress. But soon after an interesting conversation occurred when a caller countered that no other generation of Americans have been raised with such a "dystopian" view of the world they are inheriting. Rather than trained to "trust in God" they have been conditioned to fear everything!

True that!

Eternal Life

The gospels record an incident in the ministry of Jesus when a young, wealthy man, perhaps feeling his own level of stress, sought out Jesus to ask a probing question: 'what good thing must I do to inherit eternal life?'

Image result for young man and Jesus

Jesus' response to the young man illustrates what He means by giving

  • eternal life, 
  • the keys to the Kingdom of heaven and 
  • power over all domination of the evil one.

MacDonald offers rich insight into the encounter:

"It is unnecessary to inquire precisely what he meant by eternal life. Whatever shape the thing took to him, that shape represented a something he needed and had not got— a something which, it was clear to him, could be gained only in some path of good.

But he thought to gain a thing by a doing, when the very thing desired was a being: he would have that as a possession which must possess him.

We have to do with Him to Whom no one can look without the need of being good waking up in his heart; to think about Him is to begin to be good. To do a good thing is to do a good thing, to know God is to be good.

It is not to make us do all things right He cares, but to make us hunger and thirst after a righteousness, [which once possessing us], we shall never need to think of what is or is not good, but shall refuse the evil and choose the good by a motion of the will which is at once necessity and choice."

A generation of American youth, raised to believe that their good-hearted fund-raising efforts in elementary school to save the baby seals or stop the destruction of the rain forest have only led to more demands on their faith and future, are left with the same emptiness of soul.

Perhaps they will, like the wealthy young man, come to realize that our good efforts to 'change the world', rather than soul embittering slogans, are just the first steps on the stairway to soul changing eternal life!

And like the young man, understand that the real crises with which we have to do are not man-made global climate change nor terrorist attacks, but that moment when the Lord of Eternal Life hands us a key to the kingdom.

The Keys To The Kingdom of Heaven

Image result for keys to the kingdomA friend was recently lamenting how after many years she still struggles with impatience toward lazy co-workers. Jesus said "the poor [and perhaps the lazy] will always be with you..." Could they, in fact, be the "keys" to unlocking in us attitudes and behaviors that are unbecoming, un-Christlike, and unworthy of the Kingdom? Can their be any growth toward Christ-like, Kingdom desirable character without a revealing of the things in us that aren't desirable, that disqualify?
The young man was given a key: "if you would be perfect, go and sell all you have, and come follow Me."
MacDonald observes: "Jesus gave him the very next lesson in the divine education for which he was ready. It was possible for him to respond, to give birth, by obedience, to the redeemed and redeeming will, and so be free. It was time the demand should be made upon him. Do you say, 'But he would not respond, he would not obey!'? Then it was time, I answer, that he should refuse, that he should know what manner of spirit he was of, and meet the confusions of soul, the sad searchings of heart that must follow. A time comes to every man when he must obey, or make such refusal— and know it."
At some point, even the "Millennials" must come to understand that rather than being part of a 'collective' which requires their loyalty to fight for the grievances of the group, God will require of each individual Obedience to a Perfect Will that alone satisfies our deepest longings for justice, mercy and goodness. 

Power Over All Domination of Evil

MacDonald: "Jesus had given him a glimpse of the essence of his own life, had pointed the youth to the heart of all--for him to think of afterwards: he was not ready for it yet. He wanted eternal life: to love God with all our heart, and soul, and strength, and mind, is to know God, and to know him is eternal life; that is the end of the whole saving matter; it is no human beginning, it is the grand end and eternal beginning of all things; but the youth was not capable of it. 
Having kept the commandments, the youth needed and was ready for a further lesson: the Lord would not leave him where he was; he had come to seek and to save. He saw him in sore need of perfection--the thing the commonplace Christian thinks he can best do without--the thing the elect hungers after with an eternal hunger. 
Perfection, the perfection of the Father, is eternal life. 'If thou wouldest be perfect,' said the Lord. What an honor for the youth to be by him supposed desirous of perfection! And what an enormous demand does he, upon the supposition, make of him! To gain the perfection he desired, the one thing lacking was, that he should sell all that he had, give it to the poor, and follow the Lord! 
Could this be all that lay between him and entering into life? God only knows what the victory of such an obedience might at once have wrought in him! Much, much more would be necessary before perfection was reached, but certainly the next step, to sell and follow, would have been the step into life: had he taken it, in the very act would have been born in him that whose essence and vitality is eternal life, needing but process to develop it into the glorious consciousness of oneness with The Life.

There was nothing like this in the law: was it not hard?--Hard to let earth go, and take heaven instead? for eternal life, to let dead things drop? to turn his back on Mammon, and follow Jesus? lose his rich friends, and be of the Master's household? Let him say it was hard who does not know the Lord, who has never thirsted after righteousness, never longed for the life eternal!The youth had got on so far, was so pleasing in the eyes of the Master, that he would show him the highest favor he could; he would take him to be with him--to walk with him, and rest with him, and go from him only to do for him what he did for his Father in heaven--to plead with men, be a mediator between God and men. He would set him free at once, a child of the kingdom, an heir of the life eternal. 
By the gravity of his riches the world held him, and would not let him rise.
He counted his wealth his strength, and it was his weakness. Moneyless in God's upper air he would have had power indeed. Money is the power of this world--power for defeat and failure to him who holds it--a weakness to be overcome ere a man can be strong; yet many decent people fancy it a power of the world to come! It is indeed a little power, as food and drink, as bodily strength, as the winds and the waves are powers; but it is no mighty thing for the redemption of men; yea, to the redemption of those who have it, it is the saddest obstruction. To make this youth capable of eternal life, clearly--and the more clearly that he went away sorrowful--the first thing was to make a poor man of him!" 
adapted from, The Way, Unspoken Sermons II, George MacDonald. Emphasis added.

May today's youth, the wealthiest in the world's history, use the empty feeling in their souls, as motivation to come kneeling at the feet of the Master seeking the real source of goodness that exposes the causes, slogans and jingles holding them captive to a false sense of fulfillment.

May they find true peace...and get their hair back!