Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Revelation.3

"It is written in your earthly laws that the concurring testimony of two witnesses is true. Accordingly, I bear witness of myself, as does my Father who has sent me. I know that the witness he has given of me is true. Because of this, I do not have need of the endorsement of any earthly authority." 

Much has been made recently about "fake news." Sadly, it is getting more difficult to trust our own senses as technology gives even computer novices amazing abilities to manipulate images. There are now apps available that can alter facial expressions while the subject of the hack is talking! 

We live in a volatile age when not only is it difficult to know with certainty what is true, but whether anyone really cares about truth anymore!

I recently spent the weekend at a political convention where endorsements ruled the day. People vying for political offices were actively seeking connections with the "right" officials to give their positions the proper weight of authority.  With several thousand people in attendance, the events were carefully controlled to ensure a rapid completion of party business. There was little time, correction, there was no time for thoughtful deliberation. The success of a candidacy rested firmly on endorsements. 

In a world that cares little for truth, has no time for thoughtful deliberation, carefully controls outcomes, and relies heavily on the "right" connections, now more than ever we need to follow the One who came from outside our dilemma. 

  • Who speaks to the truth inside us. 
  • Who calls us to thoughtful obedience. 
  • Who works with the consequences of our choices to produce good in us. 
  • Whose life and character is the one true endorsement we all desperately need.
Looking for the best outcomes in life?  Follow Jesus.