Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Blessings.4

"Blessed are you, who with humility recognize your need of God. The whole earth will be yours."--Jesus

The Father offers two rewards for faith in Him: heaven & earth.  Those who aspire for these rewards live lives characterized by peace, contentment, freedom and obedience.

The world (that part of the Father's family who will not obey Him) offers two rewards for faith in its system: Power & Status.  Those who strive for them live lives characterized--more or less--by ambition, insecurity, greed, lust, compromise, infatuation, pretense, ruthlessness, bickering, envy, suspicion, faithlessness, deception, pride, self-will.  In a word, a love for the darkness that hides the truth of worthless works.

The poor recognize this single truth: the one thing everyone needs is God and more and more of God!  They are rewarded with possession of His Presence!

The meek recognize the truth of God in everything: they see the truth of God in the flower, the truth of God in the rain, the truth of God in the face of a child.  They are rewarded with a possession that posesses them: awe and wonder of the glory and grandeur of His creation!