Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Call.11

"Enter therefore through the narrow gate; for wide is the path, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and many go that way. But narrow is the gate and the path, which leads to life, and there are few that find it. 

Make every effort to go through the gate that leads to life. 

One day, many will want to exchange their way for the right way, and find it to be too late."

Has a human being been born who has not experienced the crushing sense of loss at being "too late?"  And the greater the want the more devastating the blow...

Things you could be too late for:

  • a beautiful sunrise
  • a stunning sunset
  • meeting your future spouse
  • your child's performance
  • the opening of a premier movie
  • "Black Friday" sales
  • your wedding
  • your funeral
  • an airline flight
  • deadline to avoid a late fee
  • a coupon discount
  • a rebate
  • helping a friend
  • blessing an enemy
  • an historical moment...
In Dallas, TX this week tens of thousands of people have come from around the world to join an historical event, Restoring Love, the final installment of the restoring character events, the brain-child of radio commentator Glenn Beck.

If you, like me, are not there it is too late to participate in the various projects engaged in by 30,000 people who have come from across the USA to bring elbow grease, hope and help to the needy.  To see first hand the miracles that love has wrought.  To wonder at the bond of friendships being built across the stations of life.  To thrill at the testimonies of old & young alike being transformed by the power of  the Lord of Love! To experience one heart. To be taught by great men. To envision the work of restoring America to its covenant relationship with God.

But it is not too late to make every effort to join in on this movement of God.  It is not too late to repent and restore faith in God. It is not too late to teach fundamental principles of freedom to every family in America.  It is not too late to do good, the right way, to communities and people across this great country.  It is not too late to elect godly & virtuous people to office.  It is not too late to cut the size of governing bureaucracy in half.  It is not too late to restore the Spirit of America's goodness and generosity to people's of the world.  It is not too late to restore a hope for tomorrow to future generations...but it does take every (one's) effort!

For people who have opted for a life of indolence, living off the industry of others, having no spiritual life in them to fully comprehend their own feeble existence, there is coming a day when the crushing sense of loss will engulf their senses.

There'll always be another sale, sunrise and rebate...but some things really are too late!