Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Great Commission.2

"There is a great harvest before you, but sadly, the laborers are few. Pray to the Lord of the harvest that he will send more laborers to gather in his harvest."

Did you realize that you can read or listen to all the recorded words of Jesus, the things he spoke and taught, in two to three hours? In very few words he was able to shape the course of human history by revealing the essentials of our humanity!

Over the centuries innumerable words have been written attempting to explain what His words meant. But the secret to unlocking the depths of understanding to the Treasures of Wisdom he holds is not found in a Bible Commentary or study of the original languages or memorizing creeds. 

The secret is really no secret at all. If you truly want to know the meaning of Jesus' words it begins as it always has: 
do what He says!
Every act of obedience begins with our eyes on the Father and our hearts attentive to His Will.

An owner of a manufacturing plant expressed his frustration to me one day relating how difficult it is to find good workers. "They finish a project, then sit down to wait for more instructions. At the very least they could pick up a broom and clean around their area. There is always something they can do to be productive!" 

That worker who knows his employer's heart and orders his activities by that knowledge and truly desires to please him is worth his weight in gold!

Core Values of a Follower of Jesus*: 

1. Jesus has a right to our absolute obedience.

2. Jesus died that we might die like him: die to any ruling power in us but the perfect will of God.

3. Jesus died to make us Just, Merciful and Perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect.

4. Jesus died to make us merry children of our Father in heaven, loving what is lovely, delivered from all meanness, pretense, falseness, unfairness, cowardice, fear, anxiety, self-worship, trust or hope in possessions.

5. Our Father in heaven is grandly beautiful, is always doing His best for every person, and is the only good for any person.

6. No man is ever condemned for any sin except one: that he will not leave his sins and come out of them to be the child of Him who is his Father.

7. Our heavenly Father, in justice and mercy,will give us what punishment we need to make us right or keep us from going wrong.

8. Our Father gives His spirit to everyone who will open their hearts to him in childlike obedience; his Spirit will always guide us to what is true and will lead us in the way of righteousness.

9. To be a follower of Jesus Christ is the reason every human being is born and the goal of teaching is to persuade everyone to become His follower.

*(adapted from MacDonald's Unspoken Sermon, Justice)