Monday, September 3, 2012

The Great Commission.5

"Even greater works will you accomplish, 
for I must return to my Father in Heaven."

Where I Belong (click on link for a powerful music video)

For the past few weeks I've worked in an area far from home. The hospitality of my father-in-law has made the time away easier...but it is still not home.

If Home is Where the Heart Is it must not surprise us that for the entire time Jesus walked this planet, surrounded by a faithful earthly father, loving mother, admiring followers, and countless beneficiaries of his amazing grace and power, he yet longed to be where He belonged.

His message was a simple one: if you think I do great things, you should know my Father!  He dwelt for a time in the shadowland, but his heart beat for the Land of Truth and Reality where there is no shifting shadow, no misunderstanding, no illusion, pretense, falseness, impiety, meanness, unfairness, lying, deceit, carelessness, indolence, greed, envy, immorality, impurity, cowardice, infidelity, mockery, murder, anxiety, indifference...

His "must return" is our beacon light to follow as we climb the summit of faith ever closer to the place where He dwells -- in Oneness with the Father of Light, Life and Love.  As we travel our legs grow stronger, our love gets better, our works look more like His, so that even the smallest act of kindness to the least of his brothers multiplied by the innumerable count of faithful followers shines like the stars of heaven!