Sunday, March 17, 2013

Disciples & Servants.3

"A king who plans to wage war must first consult his military advisors to determine whether his army of ten thousand is capable of defeating the enemy's force of thirty thousand. If his advisors can find no hope of victory, he must send forth his ambassadors to meet the enemy, and negotiate peace before the battle begins."


"Is God bound to forgive sin -OR- to destroy sin?"

Make no mistake, He will have us free!  Free from the pestilence of pettiness, pride, pretension, poverty of soul,  powers, impurity, and imperfection.

I have a friend in one of our state's prisons.  It wasn't until about two years ago I found out he was there, for I had not heard anything from him since high school nearly forty years ago.  It was through Facebook I reconnected with his sister who told me some of the details of his troubled life.  More troubling was that he refused to acknowledge the evil that had brought him to the point where he sat exiled from family and friends. 

Shortly after making that connection we set up a prayer group on Facebook so that devoted followers of Jesus from all around the country could pray for Gary at an appointed time each week.  He had cut himself off from his family for years never acknowledging nor answering attempts to contact him.  

Here is a description of Gary:

He is Everyman who, left for dead by society, yields to the gentle wind of the Breath of Life blowing the dying ember of his humanity into a flame.

He is Legion who, plagued by forces willing his destruction, isolating him from humanity, and defying attempts to retrain or restrain him, finds true freedom in the Fearless Lord of Love.

He is Youth thrown into the hellish flames of ignorance, indifference, neglect, prejudice or abuse looking through the darkened eyes of fear into the understanding eyes of Light.

He is the Least of the Brethren sitting naked, hungry and in prison waiting for one of the Master's kind to visit, clothe and feed his needy soul.

That is Gary. He is all the Gary's of the world. That is why we pray. That is why we obey. That is why we love.

We, followers of Jesus, are the company of those whose work is to send sin out of the world, first, by sending it out of ourselves, by being done with it.  An army of the King arrayed against the destruction wrought by sin and self-will.

He will have every soul free!

For two years we prayed.  Today Gary is enjoying a new found freedom in repentance, in surrendering to the King of Hearts!