Friday, April 5, 2013

Disciples & Servants.6

"I am sending you out as sheep among wolves. 

Be as wise as serpents, but as innocent as doves."


Sheep.  Wolves.  Serpents.  Doves.

Nobody said it was easy...

A dear brother is among the wolves sitting in a prison cell halfway around the world.  His life, captured in this excerpt from a recent email, is a living demonstration of the words and the heart of Jesus:

     "Brothers and sisters, I am sitting here in my cell, behind bars, somewhere in the Himalayas near the Nepal border. I am totally at peace, thankful and joyful, knowing I am in the center of God’s will and God’s plan. They can’t imprison me one day longer than God allows. I am here because I was teaching believers how to share the gospel, disciple believers, and start churches. I was arrested because I came back into India twice after being deported and black listed. Both times I came in legally, through an officially prescribed border crossing, welcomed in by official border guards.
      Don’t worry. This won’t happen to you unless you get deported and black listed and then come back in anyway. So don’t be afraid. Just come. [emphasis added]
      I have no regrets. It was very much worth it, because in the last 6 months since I returned, our local full time team grew from 5 to 14 and the number being reached each week grew from about 100 to over 3000. My captivity is a very small price to pay. Our Lord Jesus suffered far more for these souls. Infinitely more!
     Will you pray earnestly for open doors, open roads, open borders, open hearts and open heavens?"

Wise and Innocent.  You don't will that kind of character into yourself by gritting your teeth and bracing yourself against the blank stares of co-workers you invite to church.  

You let the Lord of Life, Light & Love lead you where He Will as He fans the flames of desire to know Him and be like Him.  As his insatiable hunger for righteousness grows in us, He will satisfy it with wonder-filled demonstrations of His power!
He's not a tame lion!