Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Light That Has Lighted The World.9

"You do not light a candle and then conceal it beneath a vase, or place it under a bed; instead, you set it on a candlestick, so that you or your guests enter a house filled with light.

Do you not realize that you are called out to be lights in this world?

Your life is similar to a city built on a hill that cannot go unnoticed.

Let your light, therefore, shine brightly before all people, that they might see your good works and praise your Father, who is in heaven."

What qualities in a follower of Jesus give us the ability to 'light up a room' when we walk in?

Consider these:

  • Light: when there is nothing perverse, lewd or deceptive in our countenance or conversation
  • Hope: when we refuse to let circumstances dim our
    image by
    commitment to being better
  • Courage: when we are fearless in facing the difficulties we encounter
  • Faith: when we trust the goodness we see in others because we see them through the eyes of the Lover of souls.
  • Love: when we are ever growing in our capacity to love and be loveable.
  • Positive Attitude: when others see darkness we see light. When gossip and complaint threaten the company we're in, we focus on right and true.
  • Gentleness: when harshness and brutality are the order of the day, we offer the other cheek.
  • Kindness: when to be like Jesus in offering a drink of water to a thirsty child is the only reward large enough to satisfy our own thirsty souls.
  • Peace: when turmoil crashes in we calmly turn our eyes to the One who has overcome.
  • Patience: with inner strength marked by endurance we stand when others fall. 
  • Forgiveness: when others hold to the bitterness of grievances, real and imagined, we love to the working of repentance.
  • Goodness: when we know the Beauty that comes from living our lives like the One from Whom all Good flows.
  • Excellence: when we know the Blessing that comes from doing all things well.
Don't you wish everyone followed Jesus? 

Surely to become a disciple of Jesus is the reason every person is born!