Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Revelation. 8

"My peace I give to you, 
a peace far surpassing that 
which the natural world 
is able to impart."  

The 2017 French presidential elections, in the midst of violent social & political turmoil, have ignited a global debate: is living with the dread of senseless terrorist attacks the "new normal" for civilization?

In our own sleepy rural community, the county sheriff, alarmed at the increase in homicides, suicides, drug use, break ins, assaults and gang activity, is warning people to keep their houses and belongings locked up.

In the historical struggle between barbarism and civilization, doesn't it feel like the barbarians are winning? And when the apologists for the barbarians don coat & tie, lab coats, press passes, government credentials and professorships the deck looks​ pretty stacked against the good guys.

Is the church the primary vehicle for the advancement of civilization? Or is its work limited to advancing only "the gospel"? Is the revelation of Jesus' Life, Death and Resurrection the keys to the advancement of civilization here on earth? Or is it the relic of ancient myth no longer useful, but counterproductive to the advancement of world peace?

Is the growing influence of Islam a counterfeit Christianity? Is it on the side of barbarism or civilization? Does it pose the primary hope for humanity or represent a long, grievous history of oppression and tyranny?

Turning Cheeks or Turning Tables?
American society has become a confused rabble of competing philosophies. In marginalizing the influence of Christianity on American culture  --by building a fictional wall of separation-- there is no longer a filter by which we can accurately judge between competing philosophies.  An important influence of Christianity on our culture was that we knew that ideas were "elite" and were compelled by reason to embrace good ideas and reject bad ones.  Another important aspect of Christian influence is that people, in our system, have been considered "equal" in the eyes of God and therefore equal before the law.  

Today, however, it is exactly the opposite: people are "elite", i.e., the credentialed, experts, government officials, celebrities, and academia are superior to the average among us and must be treated with the proper deference. We allow them to dictate what is fashionable and acceptable by cowing to the false notion that we are not capable of reasonable decisions for ourselves.

Ideas on the other hand are "equal" and no one idea is superior to the other.  To reject an idea, philosophy, attitude, behavior or opinion is to be racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, or hateful.  To tolerate the ignoble, dishonorable, unworthy, base, shameful, contemptible, despicable, dastardly, vile, degenerate, shabby, sordid, and mean, while repudiating the noble, righteous, virtuous, good, honorable, upright, decent, worthy, moral, ethical and reputable, is the mark of a society in decline and the breeding ground of barbarism.

The scope of Christianity is wide.  Consider that Jesus
demonstrated in word and action the broad width of dealing with the struggles of everyday living.  As individuals we are called upon as His followers to "turn the other cheek" to the abuse of the ignorant. Lashing out by repaying "eye for eye" to the attacks of abusers hinders the work of God's spirit in bringing conviction of sin in the heart of the unrepentant. Overcoming evil with good is one of the primary means of turning a foe into a follower of Jesus! We are all the same in this vital respect: Becoming a follower of Jesus is the reason we are all brought into this world!

But there are times, as well, when we ought to "turn over the tables" on intolerable attitudes and actions of those who ought to know better and are creating an atmosphere of hostility to the truth!  When the mob came to bring a woman, "caught in adultery", to Jesus to measure his response to their malignant superiority, Jesus, of course, stood with the woman and against the mob. 

The same Spirit that helps us endure the abusers gives us the wisdom and strength to stand against the mob!  Being led by the Spirit is the path to peace. The natural world's peace is predicated on complying with their dictates.  The Peace promised by our Prince of Peace is predicated on obedience to His Spirit!

In a world increasingly hostile to the message of our Master, making that choice is getting increasingly more difficult. Think of each difficult decision to choose obedience as practice and perfecting of the Kingdom character in us!