Sunday, January 13, 2013

On Being Born a Second Time.5

"How is it that, that even after so much learning, you are not familiar with the most basic truths? If I have taught you such things, using earthly examples, and still you fail to comprehend, how will you understand if I speak to you of heavenly things?"


A Horse Theology

Failing to understand what Jesus means is, sadly, the plight of humanity.  That alone accounts for the vileness and corruption we suffer with from generation to generation, individual to individual, race to race, nation to nation.  Thinking we know what He means may, however, be a worse condition than the first!  How many people of the religious persuasion content themselves in their "bible studies" to knowing syntax, context, history and hermenuetics, while failing miserably in obedience, i.e., transformation from the core of their beings living out what He means?

An epiphany of sorts occurred to me one day while standing next to my mare.  I realized that of all the domesticated animals, a horse may most closely resemble the relationship man has with God.  For a horse, if left to roam for food and water, does not need, nor even seek, a relationship with humans.  They are, in fact, quite lazy, self-willed and fearful, and would for the most part rather be left alone.  But without a relationship with a Master, they cannot reach their inherent potential!

In order to have a relationship with a horse a trust must be formed by helping them overcome their natural inclination to fear and self-will.  Mutual respect is achieved by patience, diligence and communication.  For even though a horse does not understand human language, nor our will for them, they are created with the ability to figure out what we want. By giving a "cue" for the desired action, my mare can learn, one step at a time, that I want her to, say, drop her head when I pull down on her lead rope.   At first tug, there is resistance until she figures out what I want.  It may take hundreds of gentle tugs to get her to a point where that action becomes a part of her instantaneous response to me.  With diligence, building lesson upon lesson, we are able to do wonderful things together!

Jesus, our Master, told us that we have One Teacher, who, with Perfect Will communicates in language beyond words on a page.  The very Breath of God who enlivens our spirit, heart and mind to try to do what He directs us until, with patience and diligence, the things he means for us become a very part of our response to the challenges of this life.

Every human being born into this world has but one purpose: to become a disciple of Jesus. How else will they reach their potential for Love if not learning from the Master?