Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Christ's Prayer For His Disciples.3

"I am not praying for the world, but for those you have given me; for they truly are yours. All who have believed in me are yours; and they do honor me. I am returning to you in heaven; but those that believe in me remain behind.

Father, keep them 
by the power of your name;
that they all may be one, 
as we are one."


we only know half of the whole (partially that, as in a mirror) of what we were made for...
until we are made complete in Him.

If not for the portion we do know, little would we be able to hope for the missing part.

"Two at least are needed for Oneness, and the greater the number of individuals  the greater, the lovelier, the richer, the diviner is the possible unity." --MacDonald
If our deepest longing for Eternal Life isn't focused on Oneness with our Creator, we do not yet know the Mission of the Master.

Can there be Oneness without

  • agreement
  • repentance
  • confession
  • love of truth and the will of God
  • hunger for righteousness
  • desire for harmony
  • yearning for wholeness
  • exposure of and casting away all that is unlovely or unworthy in us
  • atonement
  • reconciliation
  • blessing
  • hearts set on service
  • purity

Father, may each day move us closer to Oneness with you as we put these things into practice now!