Sunday, July 7, 2013

Christ's Prayer For His Disciples.4

"While I was with them in the world, I kept them by the power that you gave me, watching over them, so that not one was lost, except for the son of perdition, that the scriptures might be fulfilled. Soon I will be returning to you; so I am requesting these things while I am still in the world, that they might experience and receive the full revelation of what is theirs."


Kept them (fill in the blank):
  • strong
  • focused
  • safe
  • fed
  • growing
  • serving
  • moving
  • potent
  • child-like
  • inspired
  • free

A story of Will.  
Five feed dishes.  Five Horses.  Five sizes, ages, nutritional needs.  The younger, stronger finish first.  Ears go back.  Anger flares.  Attempts to chase the weaker away from their food...thwarted by a Higher Will.  Sad that they will not or cannot understand my Will to meet needs of which they are unaware.

The Son of Perdition is in the Will Not category.  Judas was not alone, however, in pinning back his ears when clashing with the Higher Will.  Dull disciples all who mistook the Master's moves to make them the men they were destined to be.  World-changing character does not come easy.  Perfecting Love has its price.  Jesus, our keeper, willingly paid it, continues to pay it, giving Himself eternally; desires that we should pay it too.

For those of us still in the cannot understand, keep obeying, trusting the Master to help us understand.  Trust in His keeping us moving, serving, strong, growing, getting better and better until the day of our revealing!