Friday, March 2, 2012

Faith That Moves Mountains.7

"whatever you allocate on earth will be that which is in accordance to heaven's plan."--Jesus

The current USA president, Barack Hussein Obama, won election by promising a plan for the "fundamental transformation of America."  Although half the population was skeptical of what that could mean, he won.  He has "allocated" the resources of several generations of Americans in accordance with his plan.  In fairness to Mr. Obama, it is nothis plan per se, but the culmination of decades of a "progressive" worldview that has brought the USA to the precipice of ignominy [def:  disgrace;  dishonor;  public contempt;  shameful or dishonorable quality or conduct].  If we need proof of that, consider that the USA's credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in our history!  Tens of millions of Americans, dubious at best of "the plan" are now incensed as the relentless effort of unprincipled men begins to bear the fruit of destruction as the greatest governing good grinds to a halt.

There is a tremendous lesson in faith here, and we must not miss it.

Daily we put our faith in something for good and positive outcomes.  You can put your faith in theories, principles, circumstances, doctrines, organizations, parties, people, policies, power, intellect, deception, darkness, light, truth, love, technology, traditions, science, industry, unions or, as MacDonald puts it, "the things only between your teeth."  Faith is only as good as the weight of action you are willing to put behind it.  So even bad ideas, theories, or systems, can have a measure of "success" if enough people believe in it, put the weight of their convictions behind it and allocate the resources necessary to reach their goals.

The Founders of our Constitional (i.e., rule of law) form of Government, for example, understood this by "pledging to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor" to the task of building a country dedicated to liberty!  That is one reason why socialism is in reality a bothersome gnat in the history of good & true men.  Once people understand how cowardly it is to pledge & allocate other people's lives, fortunes and sacred honor the shine wears off the luster of political populism--a populism based on extravagant promises from the hand of shrewd politicians to undisciplined people.

Which political notion best reflects "heaven's plan"?  

  • Leaders who will use others to promote their agenda (and self-interests) regardless of the misery and heartache it produces in body and spirit; 
  • or those who will lay down their own lives to promote the blessings of their neighbors?

Which political notion can we count on for heaven's power and resources to succeed?

The answer to that question, of course, is which one best reflects the life of Jesus himself!