Thursday, March 15, 2012

Patience, Mercy and Forgiveness.8

"Learn to practice forgiveness and your lives will be 

filled with mercy and grace." --Jesus

friend stopped by the other day while I was in my basement. Our conversation bounced around as his eyes focused on items of man's junk is another man's conversation starter, I suppose. He noted the pile of unfinished rocking chairs in the corner. "Projects." I confessed, not a little embarrassed. "Projects I've carried around for thirty-five years of marriage." Projects that I've promised I will finish...

Projects that in reality are little more than clutter.

Clutter is, in reality, a painful reminder that I am unfinished.

The awful reality is that not one of those projects will ever get finished until I take initiative, lift them off the pile and set to work on them.

Much clutter accumulates in our hearts.

  • Stained relationships. 
  • Oily thoughts. 
  • Chips for our shoulders 
  • Envious glimpses. 
  • Smoldering resentment. 
  • Dusty affections. 
  • Rusted Indifference. 
  • Puddles of Pride and Prejudice 
  • Stinking Self-will. 
  • Generational hostilities. 
  • Grundgy grudges. 
Carried around for years and years.

Where to start? The One who patiently knocks at the door waits to be invited in to begin the conversation! Nothing will ever get finished until we take the initative to open up to him and set our hearts to the work of putting His words into practice!