Sunday, January 10, 2016


"Take heed; beware of living your life on religious "food."
By now you have certainly forgotten the five loaves that fed the five thousand, with twelve baskets left over, and the seven loaves that fed the four thousand and the plenty that remained. 

But I am not speaking to you about earthly food. No, I have come to warn you against feeding on the ideas and false teachings of those who market in religion.

In vain such people worship me, teaching as doctrines what are merely the inventions of men. Preoccupied with their own superstitions, they have forgotten the commandments of God."


Oops. We forgot to Beware.

We forget that we don't remember things.

We don't remember there is a difference between "faith in"
and "belief about."

We don't remember that what a man believes is how he lives.

We don't remember that a preponderance of opinion, no matter how considerable, is insignificant to an act of faith, no matter how simple.

We don't remember that to know doctrines and theologies is no substitute for obedience.

We don't remember that to obey the commandments of God is to understand.

Or maybe we never knew...