Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Problem of Religion.2

"Beware of false teachers who stand before you wearing sheep's clothing. Beneath their guise hides a ravenous wolf.
They follow their true master, the evil one, and do as he commands them. He was a murderer from the beginning, and never told the truth, because there was never truth in him. When he lies, he speaks in character, for he is a liar, and the father of lies." 

The familiar flashing lights ahead of me alerted that the school bus was picking up another student.  I watched as the child left the tender comfort and security at his mother's side, walked a few steps, turned, waved then boarded. A moment like that is easy to slight for its seeming insignificance, yet it is filled with a priceless eternal treasure: trust.  

Trust conquers anxiety.  Trust builds bridges and strengthens bonds. Trust unites.  Trust heals. Trust returns the investment of hope. 

Trust is itself built of Truth. 

Nothing destroys trust more than a lie.

No lie is more powerful than that wrapped in the trappings of truth.

A worldwide phenomenon is occurring under the guise of the "Happy Spirit", eudaemonism, the idea that the highest ethical goal is happiness and personal well-being. The lie that the best guide for right action is good feelings.
Translation: if it feels good it must be right. If it is right, it must be true.

We watch with despair as The Liar --with the aid of a colorful, whimsical, powerful visual media-- informs, shapes, squeezes and molds a culture, devouring the soul of a nation as it devours the conscience of its people.

The salt of truth, having lost its saltiness, lies trampled on the shifting sands of a withering society.  Where is the Truth of Marriage?  Of Sex? Of Conception? Of Life? Of Manhood? Of Beauty? Of Nuturing? Of Family? Of Virtue? Of Courage? Of the Nature of things?

The ravenous wolf demands submission not tolerance or equality.  
"A law was just passed in Washington mandating that bathrooms and locker room across the state be made accessible to "transgenders." That isn't new, although this is the first example of something like it being enacted statewide all at once.But the really incredible part is that the law also makes it ILLEGAL for a business owner or landlord to "misgender" a gender-confused person. In other words, if a cross dressing man wants to be called "she," the rule states that employers and property owners must comply or face legal ramifications. They must verbally endorse and affirm a lie, or endure the consequences.

In New York City, a similar ordinance was just passed. Just like Washington, business owners must use the "preferred pronoun" when talking to or about "transgenders," or risk a 250 thousand dollar fine. This is serious stuff, folks. This is the government forcing people to verbally affirm untruths. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it.

We talk about political correctness, but it's important to understand what the term means. These days, the PC police are out to impose falsehoods. Political correctness is a tool liberals use to undermine and ultimately banish truth." -Blogger Matt Walsh
In God We Trust.  In God We Know Trust because in God We Know Truth. A generation of Americans may never enjoy its tender comfort and security. We find ourselves turning, waving, boarding a bus to despair, fear, mistrust and distrust.

What can the righteous do when the foundations are destroyed?  Keep seeking and speaking the Truth. Especially against this lie. The highest ethical, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical goal is not happiness it is Oneness

Oneness with our Creator/Father/Savior/Friend.

Oneness prayed for, bought and paid for by our Redeemer, Jesus The Christ!