Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Power of Prayer.1

"Until now you have asked nothing in my name. 
Ask, and you will receive, and your joy will be full." 

Them: "Grandpa, can I have ice cream?"
Me: "No, we need to have breakfast first."
Them: )-:

Them: "Mr. Lyon, can I sit with Missy?"
Me: "No, you usually get in trouble when you sit with Missy!"
Them: )-;

Them: "Dad, can I use your car?"
Me: "Sorry, not today, I have to use it."
Them: |-:

Is the joy Jesus promises in the asking or the receiving?

Human nature says in the receiving of course: when I get what I want! Getting what I want surely is what makes me happy!

How often, after turning down a request, have I had to endure painful pleading, deal making, pouty lip, outbursts of anger, nagging, and stomping. I want them to understand that asking me for something is an act of love. "You are trusting me to get you something you think you need", I'll explain. "But what you really need is to trust my love, wisdom and devotion to give you what is best for you. So whether I tell you yes or I tell you no it comes from the same heart of love & devotion to you."

Asking "in my name" does not mean tacking on a clause at the end of a prayer to make sure God understands that Jesus is signing the check for my request. It means "as 
representing me; as being like me." The mission of Jesus was and is to persuade us of our Father's great love. It was the air He breathed, the business He was about, the joy & passion of His existence. So whether the Father, our Father, says yes or no we are confident, like Jesus, that his answer is from the same great heart of love & devotion to us!