Friday, February 10, 2012

The Power of Prayer.4

"I do not mean that you should let your prayer fall into a pattern of mindless repetition. The unenlightened pray in this manner, imagining that they will be heard because of the great number of their prayers. Do not imitate them. Remember your heavenly Father knows what you need even before you ask."

Mindless Repetition. Remember the McDonald's commercial where the little boy keeps asking his dad, non-stop, for a world of wonderful things like, "Can we build a tree fort?" "No." "Can I use the chainsaw?" "No." "Can we go scuba diving?" "No." Near the point of breaking, the exasperated dad finally hears a request that makes him smile: "Can we go to McDonalds?" "Yes." 

 "Can I drive?" "No!"

Maybe its like that. Or it could be the toddler anthem: "Why? Why? Why?" You know no amount of explanation will satisfy the hunger of knowing & wanting...even long past the point we are reduced to a feeble "Because."

Viewing life through the eyes of grand-parenting is considerably different than the eyes of a parent.
Trust me on this. Its like watching the foothills from the mountain peaks and not having to fret nearly so much for the climb! Its much harder to see progress when you are herding, prodding, picking up, setting down each labored step up the hill. But when you have already made the climb you have the pleasure of looking away for moments at a time to enjoy the wonderful view. Looking back down you see more clearly the advances your posterity is making and rejoice. 
 You rejoice that they are still climbing. You rejoice that they have not quit. You rejoice in the willed effort to make progress one step at a time.You rejoice in the transformation from pedestrians to climbers.You rejoice in the stronger minds, bodies, faith and character.You rejoice in the painful learning process seeing that those lessons come no other way than by making the climb.
Our Father, from his vaunted view rejoices as He watches His Son, our eternal brother, Jesus, lead each of us up that painful trail herding, prodding, picking up, setting down each labored step to glory!

Why? Because!