Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Treasures In Heaven.4

"The poor, when they give, contribute more than the wealthy, who give from their abundance. The poor contribute from their need, and with great love often give what they cannot spare."

Million dollar athletes; multi-million dollar CEO's, billion dollar campaign funds, multi-billion dollar bailouts, trillion dollar debts. Mind boggling numbers measured by the rich & famous. Money IS this world's reality.

But there is a different measure. The One who holds it looks away from tax breaks, charitable foundations, and wealthy patrons who can "network" us with the "right people." His eyes, we are told, roam throughout the earth looking for those "whose heart is completely His..." 

For the Lord wants sons & daughters not who merely love him but love like Him. When our Father in heaven gives it is always with great love! He never does anything because there will be some advantage to him, but because it is His nature!

Let us, therefore, resist the siren call of the seemingly noble who use the "poor" to validate their agendas, when the higher reality says that those who trust in God for their very sustenance are free to give from a wellspring of love; these are the truly rich!