Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Treasures In Heaven.8

"Learn to give and it will be given back to you abundantly, more than you can imagine, multiplied and overflowing. By the same measure that you distribute your generosity, your reward will be measured in return."

Are we as generous as we want to be? No? Then we ought to keep on learning to give. Who will teach us? Maybe a better question is: "Do we want to be generous?" The Teacher can help with that too! A follower is not above his Master, but after being fully trained will be like him!

What generosity lives in the heart of Jesus? Astonishing generosity! Generosity that makes a statement. Generosity that melts hearts, breaks through emotional defenses, excoriates the miserly, exposes the falsely pious. 
  • Genuine, 
  • beautiful, 
  • compelling, 
  • powerful, 
  • poignant, 
  • personal, 
  • selfless, 
  • sacrificial, 
  • child-like...

My friend, Larry, his wife and kids opened their hearts and home to provide a place of healing for a teenager whose life

story is a journey of abuse, neglect and rejection. And fleas. After carefully fumigating for the dreaded pests in all her belongings, the nasty vermin still found a way in to infest their home. The battle to beat the bugs, however, proved easier than the challenge to win her trust!

When the hurting say: "Can I have your shirt, I'm cold."

Jesus says: "Give them your coat!"

When the neglected say: " Sit a while with me, I"m lonely."
Jesus says: "Sit two whiles!"

When the wounded & hurtful strike you down,
Jesus says: "Stand up and let them do it again."

When the fearful & insecure say: "I'll love you if..."
Jesus says: "Lay down your life for them."

When the world says: "Hedge your bets,"
Jesus says: "Let the beauty of the good things you do shine in a way that brings glory to your glorious Father!"

Astonishing generosity.

Extravagant Generosity.

I've got much to learn. Keep teaching me, Lord of Life, Light & Love!